About Us

Martina Bieliczky is a relationship coach who specializes in working with single men and women who are looking for that perfect partner.

Her teachings include:

  • helping singles learn how to find and meet other available singles
  • learning how to find the winners and lose the losers
  • knowing how to tell if he/she is the one
  • testing a promising relationship without getting trapped
  • really knowing when both of you are ready for a committed relationship

After being coached by Martina, most clients have a better sense of who they are and what they want in a relationship.They learn how to be the chooser in a relationship and not the chosen. As a result, her clients gain a sense of control over their lives and greatly increase the odds of finding that certain someone to create a relationship that is loving and lasting.

Martina has has coached numerous clients to take control of their lives and their search for a relationship. You can learn more about Kathy and relationship coaching by visiting the other pages in this website.

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Mustafa Mohammed
Dr. Mustafa Mohammed is a certified Life Coach and a Relationship Coach who helps singles and couples create fulfilling, loving, lifetime relationships. As an author, speaker, and relationship coach, he works with people through small groups in teleclasses, live seminars, and individualized, personal coaching. Some of his areas of practice include:

  • Working with committed couples to prepare for lifetime relationships and marriage
  • Coaching couples in distress to help them regain that sense of connectedness and partnership
  • Coaching couples in failing relationships to either repair the relationship or end the relationship in a positive and amicable way
  • Helping couples in strong relationships to take their relationships to the next level-a level of passion and bliss and mutual fulfillment

Dr. Mustafa Mohammed has an extensive healthcare background and also holds an MBA degree. He has been a consultant/coach to business owners and executives for more than a decade. Dr. Mustafa Mohammed has also served as a sports coach, coaching individuals and teams, men and women, children and adults in six different sports. Dr. Mustafa Mohammed’s sports coaching specialty is performance enhancement through visualization and self-motivation.


He is certified by the International Association of Coaches and is a faculty member for Coachville where he teaches other coaches. You can find more information about Dr. Mustafa Mohammed’s articles, e-Books, and teleclass schedule elsewhere in this site.